Greta Wengert

Dr. Greta Wengert is Co-Director for Integral Ecology Research Center, a non-profit research organization focusing on wildlife, their ecosystems, and impacts to their populations from natural and anthropogenic sources. Greta earned her B.S. in Natural Resources at Cornell University, her M.S. in Wildlife Ecology at Humboldt State University, and her Ph.D. in Ecology at the University of California Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, and has over 18 years of ecological research experience throughout California and Oregon. Currently, Dr. Wengert leads several national research projects which concentrate on the direct and indirect environmental impacts from marijuana cultivation on wildlife populations and their ecosystems in the Western United States. She leads a large-scale research project on pesticides used in trespass marijuana cultivation and their impacts on mountain lion health and distribution, and a longitudinal study on the spatial and temporal impacts to prey populations from rodenticides used at cultivation sites. Dr. Wengert continues to collaborate with numerous law enforcement departments, natural resource agencies, and academics in the pursuit to better understand the vast impacts to human and wildlife communities, water resources, and people working in and using western public lands from this illicit activity.