Speakers Bureau

The NMI Speakers Bureau is a group of subject matter experts in a variety of fields, who provide presentations on their respective specialties regarding marijuana and the impacts of its use and legalization.  This group consists of members of different fields, including law enforcement, ecology, substance abuse treatment, and community impacts.  They are dedicated professionals who have seen first-hand the effects of marijuana that many people do not realize exist. They share their expertise in order to raise awareness about marijuana’s potential harms and increase informed decision-making.

Ed Shemelya
Dale Quigley

Reserved for Next Speaker

Mourad Gabriel
Ben Cort
Chelsey Clarke
Tom Gorman

Jo McGuire
Shirley Morgan

Bill Lynch

Sheriff Justin Smith

Montes Stiles, Esq.
Chris Wolfe
Sally Schindel
Greta Wengert

Tony Coder
Libby Stuyt, MD
Seth Cimino
Darrin Grondel
Joe Tilton