Legalization By State

Cannabis, also known as Marijuana, is illegal under federal law in the United States for any purpose, by way of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. At the state level, however, policies regarding the medical and recreational use of cannabis vary greatly, and in many states conflict significantly with federal law. Additionally, under the Controlled Substances Act, cannabis is classified as a Schedule I substance, determined to have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use – thereby prohibiting even medical use of the drug. However, with a doctor’s recommendation, not a prescription, the medical use of Cannabis is legal in certain states while in other states the recreational use of cannabis is legal allowing for its commercial distribution. Below is our map detailing which states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes and recreationally,  which states have legalized just for medical purposes, and which states have not legalized the schedule I substance.

Blank US states map Recreational and Medical Use Current State-Approved Marijuana Status as of 2019 Medical Use Only Illegal CO UT AZ NM TX AK HI PR AR LA MS AL GA SC NC WV VA TN KY IN IL WI MN ND SD NE KS OK MO IA MI OH PA NY ME NH VT MA CT RI DE MD DC FL NV ID OR CA MT WY WA NJ

Recreational and Medical Use: In addition to medical marijuana programs, which users must enroll in, these states allow the sale of marijuana for recreational use in specific retail stores.

Medical Use Only: These states have programs that allow people to purchase marijuana for medicinal use.

Illegal: These states do not allow any form of marijuana use or the use of its derivative products.