Mourad Gabriel

Dr. Mourad Gabriel is the Executive Director of Integral Ecology Research Center, a non-governmental scientific research organization headquartered in Northwestern California. Dr. Gabriel is also a Research Associate Faculty member at the University of California Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine’s One Health Institute and Wildlife Health Center, and an Associate Member of the Humboldt State Interdisciplinary Institute of Marijuana Research.

Dr. Gabriel completed both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Humboldt State University in Wildlife Ecology, and his PhD in Comparative Pathology at the University of California Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine. He leads several national and international projects through his organization, which focuses on investigating and understanding threats to wildlife populations of conservation concern from both infectious and non-infectious disease agents. His current research concentrates on the vast environmental impacts that marijuana cultivation has on the unique natural resources of the western United States.

Dr. Gabriel has authored eight book chapters, four of which focus on the ecological impacts associated with public land marijuana cultivation. In addition, he has published 23 peer-reviewed scientific papers, eight of which fashioned the foundational knowledge of impacts to natural resources from marijuana cultivation on public or tribal lands. Dr. Gabriel currently serves as a Steering Committee member and Science Advisor for the California Department of Justice and Central Valley HIDTA Marijuana Enforcement CAMP Team, and has contributed to the Office of National Drug Control Policy annual reports on the influence of marijuana cultivation on the environment. He has also trained both Federal Law Enforcement officers at FLETC and state and local narcotics officers at regional venues on how to avoid and recognize hazards associated with marijuana cultivation.

Dr. Gabriel was the Symposium Director for the first National Symposium, which had over 350 attendees discussing the environmental impacts from marijuana cultivation. He and other team members were recently given an award by the Office of National Drug Control Policy High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program for their outstanding contribution towards Marijuana Eradication on Public Lands. He currently resides in Northwestern California where he and his family strive to spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying our public lands.