Sally Schindel

Retired since 2008, living in Prescott, AZ since 2002, Sally was a self-employed financial advisor, with CFP certification, for 15 years with Ameriprise Financial.  She lived in Phoenix between 1973 and 2002 with 3 years in Orange County, CA 1986-1989, working in various accounting management positions with 3 different corporate employers. Her BS degree in Accounting is from Western Illinois University 1972.

Sally’s passion now is travel with her husband Gregg in the U.S. in their motor home as well as internationally, and volunteering with organizations that are making a difference in the lives of young people and their education.  She is a long time member of P.E.O., supporting women’s education, and a volunteer with MATFORCE in Prescott working toward prevention and reduction of substance abuse.

Sally is the proud mother of two.  She has a daughter in Phoenix who she calls “the light of my life.”  And a son, Andy, who died in 2014.  Andy’s death is linked to marijuana addiction.  He left a powerful message that Sally wants all young people to know.  Andy said, “Marijuana killed my soul +  ruined my brain.”

Sally says: I am now working with Andy, in his memory, urging young people to not risk using marijuana or other drugs.  Marijuana is not harmless.  I hope Andy’s message will help everyone “Think Again” before assuming the drug marijuana is harmless.