Stephanie Rodriguez

With digital technology paving the way of the future, the need to visually stand out is becoming more important than ever. With over 15 years of professional experience in journalism, technology, marketing, and the media, Stephanie Rodriguez continues to execute intelligent and thoroughly-researched writing accompanied with exceptional photos, graphics, and film. 

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism & Communications from the University of Florida, she went through vigorous and intense education by studying under one of the nation’s best universities, and under one of the best journalism and communication programs recognized in the United States.

As a professional writer and photographer, she has mastered assorted photographic genres for numerous clients and has written for publications such as the Miami Herald, the Gainesville Sun, the Miami New Times, the Broward New Times, the Seminole Tribune, the Biscayne Times, the Miami SunPost, the Miami-Dade College Forum, Barry University Magazine, and early in her career, the award-winning Independent Florida Alligator. 

Additionally, her photography has led her to various workshops throughout the world, including one where she was prestigiously-accepted to study in Spain with world-renowned photographer Janusz Kawa through the School of Visual Arts in New York. She also studied in Bangkok, Thailand with world-renowned photographer, Vincent Sung.

Her film experience includes writing and producing newscasts and programs for FOX 7 News, NBC 6 News, and South Florida PBS. She also worked for Seminole Media Productions for the Seminole Tribe of Florida and has worked with private companies, such as iDream Productions, Full Moon Creative, and Tammi in Miami Productions.

Stephanie’s journey also includes working in the non-profit world for 6 years as a Web Writer & Multi-Media Producer for Barry University. Additionally, for a brief contractual period, she worked for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital as a Web Specialist for the hospital’s rebranding efforts and new software implementation.

Her priority is understanding the specific needs of each client and applying them throughout the entire process. With many exciting adventures into the world of writing, photography, and film, her love for visual storytelling evolved into Graphic Design.

With a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design & Advertising from Barry University, and over eight years of expertise as a designer, she has a prominent list of clients and a diverse portfolio. Inspiring and functional designs are reflected throughout her work while reflecting her creativity and turning ideas into marketing realities.

After having mastered the art of the word, image, motion, and illustration, her experience with social media came naturally. She has created and managed social media accounts for various companies in a diverse array of industries, including hospitality, lumber, real estate, medicine, higher education, and public relations.

Her commitment to boost a company’s performance through branding and the right marketing is not only her driving force, but her priority. Her background in advertising has also assisted her in understanding what drives ROI, how companies should maintain their social media pages, and how to analyze demographical information pertaining to a product and/or service.

Her work in the nonprofit sector and commitment to public service has motivated her to volunteer her time for causes such as the Carlin Family Nicklaus Children’s Prom, which benefits over 100 chronically ill patients, preparing and delivering meals to underprivileged families through the Branches Organization, and serving meals to the homeless through Camillus House. 

Her reputation as a leader, motivator and highly-dedicated soul is acknowledged by many and has enabled to her to work and volunteer in the political arena as well. Through a variety of roles in campaigns, she has worked to retain or instill change in high-profile and controversial, local government seats. 

Her journey with the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area’s National Marijuana Initiative, is her new passion. In addition to her non-profit, political campaign experience, and having worked with law enforcement at the beginning of her journalistic career, her love for justice, the judicial process, and respect for the three branches of government is prevalent in her everyday demeanor and moral compass.

Her days as a police beat reporter and writing investigative pieces remains her favorite pastime, and the devotion to stop crime has never left her.

Understanding the complexities of the marijuana plant, and understanding the statistical and factual information behind its effects is her current life’s mission.