Tom Gorman

In 1968, Thomas Gorman graduated from San Jose State University and joined the California Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement. He served ten years as an undercover agent, making 1,000 undercover purchases and receiving two Purple Hearts for being first shot and later stabbed.

In 1990, Director Gorman was promoted to deputy chief in charge of statewide drug enforcement operations, and in 1997, he retired to become Director of the Rocky Mountain HIDTA.

Director Gorman is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and is past president of the California Narcotic Officers Association and the National Alliance of State Drug Enforcement Agencies. He is currently president of the National HIDTA Directors Association. He authored “The Myths of Drug Legalization and Marijuana Legalization: The Issues,” and a recently published book, To Believe or not Believe, That is the Question – An Undercover Agent’s Quest for the Truth.